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When it comes to selecting a cloud service provider, Twentysix cloud distinguishes itself through unparalleled security, cost-efficiency, and performance. Our platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and developers, offering a versatile environment that supports a wide array of applications. With twentysix cloud, you gain access to a decentralized network that ensures your data remains in your control, all while benefiting from a flexible and user-centric service.

The future of cloud is decentralized

Twentysix cloud is not just another cloud service; it's a paradigm shift inspired by the core principles of aleph.im. As pioneers in decentralized cloud solutions, we provide an ecosystem that is inherently secure, private, and scalable. This is a network designed to empower, where each node contributes to a larger, more robust, and collectively resilient architecture.

Cutting-edge technology

Twentysix cloud stands at the vanguard of decentralized technology, offering a suite of cloud solutions powered by blockchain's inherent security and the global reach of a distributed ledger. This means your data isn't just stored—it's protected, encrypted, and made interoperable across any network.

“The best decentralized infrastructure for AI”

Decentralized cloud solution

TwentySix Cloud is a decentralized cloud solution, offering a full range of blockchain-based storage and compute engine for businesses and applications, enhancing data security ownership in a decentralized ecosystem.


Secure and customizable compute service to create and run Virtual Machines on aleph.im infrastructure layer.

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Store any type and amount of data including InterPlanetary File System and block-storage.

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Web3 cloud tooling

Custom domains, SSH access, Verifiable Random Function for gaming, open-source, multi-chain indexing blockchain data.

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