Benefits of decentralized cloud computing

Cloud computing, as offered by Twentysix Cloud, is the on-demand provision of decentralized IT resources over the internet, featuring a flexible Pay-As-You-Go model. Unlike the traditional approach of purchasing, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, Twentysix Cloud enables users to access technology services such as decentralized computing power, storage, and databases. Unlike centralized networks, our decentralized architecture distributes data across multiple nodes, ensuring no single entity controls the network. This means enhanced security, privacy, and reliability. With Twentysix Cloud, experience the next era of cloud computing, where power is returned to the user, fostering an ecosystem that thrives on transparency and trust.

Decentralized cloud solution

TwentySix Cloud is a decentralized cloud solution, offering a full range of blockchain-based storage and compute engine for businesses and applications, enhancing data security ownership in a decentralized ecosystem.


Secure and customizable compute service to create and run Virtual Machines on infrastructure layer.

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Store any type and amount of data including InterPlanetary File System and block-storage.

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Web3 cloud tooling

Custom domains, SSH access, Verifiable Random Function for gaming, open-source, multi-chain indexing blockchain data.

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