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Ubisoft joined Ubisoft’s Innovation Lab for the revolutionary integration of dynamic NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in Ubisoft’s AAA game, “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint”. provided a decentralized storage system for these NFTs called Digits on Ubisoft’s blockchain-powered platform, Ubisoft Quartz. The NFTs, representing unique in-game evolvable assets, offered a new level of engagement and ownership to players, allowing them to claim, use, and trade their in-game items on the secondary market.

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Use case harnessing's power for decentralized AI

Libertai's large language models run on a combination of technologies such as IPFS and Twentysix Cloud. This synergy results in a fully decentralized, uncensored, secure, and resilient computing network that is, in essence, unstoppable. By using's Compute Resource Nodes, Libertai presents an innovative way to deliver AI technology, reinforcing its resilience, security, and scalability, while ensuring user privacy and data integrity.

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Use case

Request finance collaborated with Request Network, the invoicing technology for DeFi, DAOs, and Crypto-first companies. bridged Request's dedicated IPFS network and the IPFS public network, providing backup storage for invoicing and transaction data. This partnership added more resilience and decentralization to the Request network, trusted by notable companies in the crypto industry like Maker, Gnosis, Aave, Ocean, and Near Foundation.

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Decentralized cloud solution

TwentySix Cloud is a decentralized cloud solution, offering a full range of blockchain-based storage and compute engine for businesses and applications, enhancing data security ownership in a decentralized ecosystem.


Secure and customizable compute service to create and run Virtual Machines on infrastructure layer.

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Store any type and amount of data including InterPlanetary File System and block-storage.

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Web3 cloud tooling

Custom domains, SSH access, Verifiable Random Function for gaming, open-source, multi-chain indexing blockchain data.

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