What is Twentysix cloud ?

The leading decentralized cloud computing

Twentysix Cloud is a groundbreaking cloud service provider that stands at the forefront of decentralized computing. Our platform offers a suite of cloud solutions that mirror the efficiency and scalability you expect from traditional cloud services but with the added benefits of decentralized technology. By leveraging the robustness of aleph.im, Twentysix Cloud provides a secure, resilient, and transparent cloud experience, setting a new standard for modern cloud infrastructures.

Our offerings include

  • Computing

    Flexible on-demand and persistent virtual machines (VMs), ensuring secure and confidential computing capabilities.

  • Storage

    Decentralized storage options with volumes for persistent storage needs.

  • Custom domains

    Personalized IPFS domain services for a unique online presence.

  • Oracles

    An indexer for oracle data.

  • Indexing

    Enhanced search capabilities across decentralized datasets.

  • VRF

    On-chain, verifiable randomness for enhanced security and fairness in application processes.

  • Payment solutions

    Streamlined payment gateways for hassle-free transactions.

Decentralized cloud solution

TwentySix Cloud is a decentralized cloud solution, offering a full range of blockchain-based storage and compute engine for businesses and applications, enhancing data security ownership in a decentralized ecosystem.


Secure and customizable compute service to create and run Virtual Machines on aleph.im infrastructure layer.

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Store any type and amount of data including InterPlanetary File System and block-storage.

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Web3 cloud tooling

Custom domains, SSH access, Verifiable Random Function for gaming, open-source, multi-chain indexing blockchain data.

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