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1. Bring decentralization to the traditional world

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Collective responsibilities

The Twentysix Collective is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where people can interact, contribute, share, and learn.

  • Be passionate about Twentysix and its mission to be a leading decentralized cloud solution
  • Host in-person or virtual meetups for your local community
  • Be the voice of Twentysix Cloud community
  • Build connections with projects to integrate Twentysix Cloud
  • Join monthly calls with the Twentysix Cloud community team
  • Dedicated to increasing community education around Twentysix Cloud and
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Collective responsibilities

Let’s grow decentralized cloud together

Developer Relation

Developer Relation

Our documentation has no secrets for you and you like to chat with devs?

Growth hacker

Growth hacker

You like to crawl the web and you want to help us grow Twentysix Cloud?

Community manager

Community manager

You are multilingual and you like to talk about Twentysix Cloud?

Grow together
Developer Relation

Content creator

You like to write tutorials, make videos or you are a master at creating memes?

Developer Relation

Dune wizard analyst

Do you like charts and dashboards, and you know how to use Dune?

Developer Relation

Local event coordinator

Meet and form friendships with other passionate about decentralization.

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